Clear the Way, Instinctive Feng Shui by Jan Reed, CPFS
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Services & Rates

  • Feng Shui Consultation: $200 for a 2 hour consultation on 2000 sq. feet or less. Additional time is $40 per half hour increments
  • Home Staging: $400
  • Color, furniture consultation: $50 per hour
  • Classes: 2 hour basic feng shui.  Minimum of 6 attendees.  $40 each includes materials.  All attendees will be offered a 25% discount on an in-home feng shui consultation.
  • De-cluttering consultation: Initial meeting to discuss plan is $50 *

* Additional fees will be determined depending on the scope of the project and if client does the physical work needed

De-cluttering Consultations

To achieve good feng shui in the home, it is first essential to clear out clutter. This is a powerful process that cleanses the space, helping to bring about amazing changes in the occupants' lives. A major part of feng shui is controlling the flow of energy (chi) in the home. When clutter is allowed to accumulate it creates blockages that restrict the flow of chi making it sluggish, which badly affects the occupants. The trouble is that once clutter starts to build up it attracts more, and before you know it your home is a clutter nightmare. The sticky, slow energy that surrounds your junk makes you feel reluctant to progress in every area of your life, influencing you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What exactly is clutter?

The main definition of clutter is things that you no longer use or love. The trouble with most of us is that we have a tendency to form a strong emotional attachment to our possessions. So even when we hate an object or it is no longer useful, we still keep it, convincing ourselves that one day it will come into its own. Hanging on to numerous old possessions is a form of protection, also keeps us locked in the past, and does not allow us to move on.

What happens in a de-cluttering consultation?

In a de-cluttering consultation, which is separate from a feng shui consultation, my aim is to help you clear out the worst areas of junk, giving you the skills to carry on de-cluttering your home on your own, or with further arranged help from me. This will then enable you to make the changes you need to progress in your life. I charge an hourly rate with you deciding the number of hours you need.

During the agreed time we will clear the first area you have chosen as being the most important. I will take you through my 5-bag system that shows you how to throw away, or pass on to friends or a charity shop, items that you no longer want or need. When you hesitate or prevaricate, I will be there to encourage you to dispense with things that are no longer any use to you. Once you have made that initial start it will only get easier. You will find the whole process liberating and you will soon wonder how you could have hung onto so many useless things for so long.

Cost of a consultation

The cost of a de-cluttering consultation starts from $45 an hour plus travelling time. The total amount of hours needed is to be agreed by the client, but is normally a minimum of three to be worthwhile. A deposit of $45 is needed to secure the appointment. The final payment is due on the day in cash or by check.